National Geographic Kids Dergisi - Şubat 2021 sayısı

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Magazine Extras!

In this issue of National Geographic Kids, find out how cool technology and old-school tracking help protect hard-to-find snow leopards. Next, meet a kind caretaker who helped raise three orphaned wombats during the COVID-19 lockdown. You'll also learn the secret history of chocolate with facts that will melt in your mouth. Then check out India's Taj Mahal. It might be the world’s grandest tomb. Plus read an excerpt from the Nat Geo Kids book Explorer Academy: The Tiger's Nest. Visit the giveaway page from January 11-18 for a chance to win a copy.

Other stories in this month's issue of Nat Geo Kids:

Weird But True: Check out fun facts you can share with your friends.

Guinness World Records: Read about a fast dog, a super-short electric car, and woman who spins fire hoops while in a split position.

Bet You Didn't Know: Get seven fabulous facts about friendship.

Awesome 8: Meet eight gnarly nudibranchs.

Amazing Animals: Find out about a hippo that "kissed" a hyena, a one-of-a-kind pink manta ray, and a cat that crashed a football game.